Ethiopian Cultural Museum of Chicago
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Museum visitation is currently by appointment only. Please contact us for individual, family, or group tours. We'd love to have you visit!

The Ethiopian Cultural Museum promotes the cultures, traditions and history of the diverse people of Ethiopia and contributes to the global cultural exchange necessary for cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.

The Museum provides visibility and brings awareness to the objectives and values of the Community Association. Most importantly, the Museum provides learning opportunities for both children and youth of Ethiopian heritage as well as the general public, educating them about the rich traditional, cultures and history of Ethiopia, one of the ancient civilizations of the world.

Through Museum programs and activities, Ethiopians can empower themselves, relate and share their traditions with others, and learn from one another.              

To create awareness of the diverse, ancient cultures and traditions of Ethiopia;

To develop and implement cultural programs and activities.

Activities & Exhibitions
Family traditions are intrinsically connected to important life stages and travel with their respective communities, helping families maintain important bonds. Through this exciting exhibit learn about the traditional Chinese and Ethiopian customs related to birth, marriage, aging and death from the museum collections as well as unique artifacts on loan from private collectors and individuals.

Our museum is run on
volunteer service and
donations from the
public. Please consider
furthering our important work of preserving and
sharing Ethiopian culture
in the United States
by making a donation.

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