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March 6, 2017


Chicago, IL – A new executive order was signed today which halts the resettlement of refugees to the United States for 120 days, bans those from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, and Sudan from entering the U.S. for 90 days, and reduces the refugee admissions ceiling from 110,000 to a meager 50,000. The new order replaces the previous order which was blocked by the judicial system.

The Ethiopian Community Association of Chicago (ECAC) once again condemns the decision which places thousands of vulnerable people in suspended risk and calls upon the administration to resume the refugee admissions program. A four month halt to the program will have a grave impact on real lives – most of whom are women and children.

The United States of America has a long standing tradition of welcoming refugees fleeing persecution from around the world – offering safety and opportunity to the most vulnerable. Moreover, the United States is a country built of hard working immigrants and refugees who have sacrificed to make great contributions to the country.

ECAC has been heartened by the outpouring support for refugees it has seen across the nation and within the local community. Continued support and welcoming to those who have fled persecution is vital during this concerning time. ECAC calls upon the local community to stand with refugees.

The executive orders have directly impacted ECAC as an organization and dedicated staff who pour themselves into this challenging humanitarian work. Facing immediate funding cuts, ECAC was forced to release five of those dedicated individuals – nearly half of its operating staff. Continued suspension of the refugee resettlement program will have a detrimental impact on ECAC, its staff, operations, and most importantly its clients.

ECAC asks its community and all concerned individuals to join with our on-going fundraising campaign to provide emergency support to the agency which is currently serving hundreds of refugees in Chicago. Please help us keep our doors open, prevent further staff layoffs, and continue services to those who are affected most.



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The Ethiopian Community Association of Chicago (ECAC) is a community-based non-profit organization committed to serving the educational, cultural, psychological, and socio-economic needs of low income and underserved immigrant and refugee populations. ECAC is also a gathering point and source of support for Ethiopians in Chicagoland and encourages the dissemination of Ethiopian culture through educational and social events, celebrations, and a cultural museum.

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